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37% of project failures are due to the lack of clearly defined goals, deliverables, and milestones.

Increase communication and project completion with a PMO framework.

Information at your fingertips within weeks vs. months. Business is fast and fluid; therefore, project management teams need to align quickly with key stakeholder demands and objectives to meet milestones. However, sometimes this can feel like trying to hit a moving target, and it can become difficult for teams to align key stakeholders to deliver projects on time within budget. The project management office needs to implement processes and frameworks that create best practices to help mobilize projects and help the organization’s operations run smoothly.

Synergistic Six has years of experience supporting the Project Management Office to help align key stakeholders.

Benefits Of Leveraging The Synergistic Six PMO Framework:  

  • Creates key stakeholder alignment in a matter of weeks vs. months.
  • Helps create and capture best practices for project management.
  • A reliable framework that can make a difference.
  • Provides the Project Management Office enhanced visibility with C-level executives.
  • Can reduce long-term cost, change, and complexity of project management.

Project Management Optimization. We Bring The A-Team:

Synergistic Six deploys transformational consultants with a project management framework to help optimize project delivery; the framework works to define priorities, processes, objectives, and milestones for key stakeholders in a matter of weeks vs. months. The PMO Framework helps focus on improving project delivery, reducing failures, and creating a better together approach with C-level executives.

Highlights Of The PMO Framework: 

  • The PMO Framework includes a board game and playing cards of which executives cannot get enough.
  • Each C-level has their space on the board game with clearly defined objectives and milestones for project outcomes.
  • This framework is powerful because it creates a unified team supporting transformational efforts.

Benefits To C-level Executives:

  • Greater touchpoints with executives and key stakeholders to cultivate best practices to help improve the business.
  • Too often, money and time are wasted with no real change. 
  • An approach to enhance communication with key stakeholders.

Synergistic Six delivers the trust and synergy needed to drive collaboration, innovation, and the momentum to thrive in the new world of work. We set the table with the right People, Processes, Priorities, and Technologies.

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