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Enhance Customer Experience: With Omnichannel  Solutions.

Increase Sound Quality With Leading Headsets.

Information at your figure tips within minutes. Smart Analytics empowers executives to make informed decisions about the use of technology to enhance collaboration and increase accessibility to customers, employees, and partners.  Smart Analytics will analyze over 60 providers to narrow the scope of options for you.

Covid-19 has made conducting business challenging.  Most organizations have had to pivot their strategies and find different innovative ways to communicate.  As firms moved away from face-to-face meetings, Unified Communications and Omnichannel Solutions became important.  Organizations went to online meetings, video, messaging, chatting, and texting.  The challenging event for most people was privacy and security as they turned on their cameras and opened their homes and exposed their cell numbers to those they were not familiar with.  Organizations scrambled to provide reliable and secure communications.  Most firms got over the hump only to find that their systems crashed, calls dropped, causing lost productivity and frustration because they did not have a tightly integrated unified communication system; designed on a unified platform providing a loop of reliable communication options.

Benefits Of Unified Communications With One Global Provider:

  • One bill to pay.
  • One vendor to work with.
  • A reliable solution that can make a difference.
  • Secure platform for Talk, Text, Video, And Message.
  • Reduce long-term cost, change, and complexity.

Contact Center Optimization.  We Bring The A-Team:

Synergistic Six deploys Transformational Consultants and Partner Technology to help optimize Contact Center Operations, Functionality, Priorities, and Processes to enhance call center productivity, with the laser focus goal of improving customer experience, satisfaction, and retention.

  • Provide a gap analysis of the current-to-future state.
  • Analyze tedious and mundane processes that can be automated.
  • Evaluate call success and best practices.
  • Create a unified team to support transformational efforts.

Due TO CoVID-19, Retail Organizations Became More Dependent On Omnichannel Solutions!

Benefits Of An Omnichannel Approach:

  • Greater digital touchpoints for customers to engage and conduct business with you.
  • Greater accessibility to customers.
  • Approach to enhance web traffic and revenue.

It Is Difficult To Collaborate Without Great Sound Quality:  Align with a Headset Advisor to provide a best-in-class voice and sound experience.  New / Lease/ Rent options are all available.

Benefits Of Headset Advisory Services: 

  • Professional Teams who understand Headsets and Sound Quality.
  • Rent, Lease, or Purchase Multiple Headsets.
  • Try a Headset before you purchase – rent.
  • Work with professionals with respect to fit and size.

Benefits Of Working With Synergistic Six:

  •  Provide leading experts who can advise and recommend solutions to fit your requirements.
  •  A one-stop shop for all your needs.
  •  Synergistic Six will help you explore multiple options.
  •  Provide you with Demos, Experts, and Pricing to help you make an informed decision.
  •  Leverage intelligent analytics to give you the necessary insight into solutions that can make a difference.

Important To Note: At Synergistic Six, we have created a better together approach to support our clients. We support all technology engagements with a leading $3B Master Agent; together, we provide best-in-class vendor analysis,  demos, and support. When our clients express an interest in moving an application to the cloud or maintaining the current environment on-prem, we recognize this takes research, which then generates the need to spend time with experts. However, some clients may worry if they utilize vendor experts, they will feel pressure to purchase. You can be assured you have come to the right place. Vendor agnostic experts will support you. Our goal is to empower you with data to enhance informed decisions. You may transform Unified Communications and Contact Center Applications with leading technology suppliers without vendor sales pressure. We maintain a relationship with you throughout the life cycle of your journey.

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Synergistic Six delivers the trust and synergy needed to drive collaboration, innovation, and the momentum to thrive in the new world of work. We set the table with the right People, Processes, Priorities, and Technology.

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