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Finding a diverse set of candidates with varying talents, ethnic backgrounds, and ideas makes the world better. Varying talent, thoughts, and experiences can create innovation that matters. Therefore, Synergistic Six is proud to announce a unique Non-Assumptive Diversity and Inclusion Framework, which also includes and recognizes “Neurodiversity” for winning and promoting talent based on skills, expertise, thought, and knowledge.

This Non-Assumptive Framework operates with live data vs. judgment to align candidates and employees to the proper roles, regardless of age, disability, skin color, relationship status, gender, or race, and reduces entry barriers to be hired, transferred, or promoted. One’s unconscious bias may unleash assumptions about employees and candidates. This unconscious bias can lead to hiring, transferring, or promoting the wrong talent or passing over top talent. It can also mean that the wrong people are being terminated due to bias. The goal is not to have an employee survive; we need that employee to thrive. Thus, additional insight is a necessary KPI for the hiring manager, the employee, and the candidate.

The Non-Assumptive Framework will provide insight quickly and will give a hiring manager the following: How well does the candidate or employee unite and align with a specific role? In a promotion situation, how well will the employee manage or be received in their new position? It may also give a candidate or employee important information about the role that was assumed. For example: Does the candidate or employee really understand what is expected? How does this differ from what they already know? It can be devastating for a candidate or an employee to make a change in their career only to learn too late that they should have had additional optics about the position. This framework creates magic for all involved because the input into what is accomplished, expected, performed, and delivered is not assumed. It is understood. When firms hire the wrong talent, they may be left paying large severance packages, experiencing reduced productivity, and having longer recovery times to recruit, hire, and train new employees. This framework helps to reduce both conscious and unconscious biases via an innovative playing card process.

What sets The Final Fit Non-Assumptive Framework apart in the industry?

The framework leverages in-flight optics and operates with live data vs. judgment before the interview begins to align candidates to proper roles, regardless of one’s age, disability, skin color, relationship status, or race, and seeks to reduce conscious and unconscious biases and barriers to entry. The framework will help you go beyond resumes, background checks, and reference checks with our unique card alignment process.

Benefit for the hiring manager: 

The Non-Assumptive Framework will show a hiring manager the following: How well the candidate unites and aligns to a specific role. How well the candidate unites and aligns with the hiring manager and the company’s expectations and priorities. The framework goes beyond the resume and background checks, leveraging in-flight optics to allow the hiring manager to understand the candidate’s skills, knowledge, key attributes, and areas of strength to enhance vision, strategy, and culture. The framework will identify work ethic and past day-in-the-life work experiences that can be leveraged in a positive manner. Before the interview, the hiring manager will understand more about the candidate’s true capabilities to reduce assumptions and bias.

Benefit for the candidate:

The framework will deliver great benefits for a candidate, as additional optics are always important. For example: How well does the candidate really understand what is expected? How does this differ from what they already know? It can be devastating for a candidate to make a switch in their career only to learn they should have had additional data about the position.

Benefit for the employee:

The framework provides the employee with a voice in a non-assumptive, non-judgmental manner. There is no right or wrong answer; the card alignment process, templates, tools, and techniques will provide insight that often is overlooked and thus creates barriers to success. The card alignment process reduces judgment and provides an inclusive workplace environment.

Overall company benefit:

Firms may be left with paying large severance packages, experiencing reduced productivity, and long recovery times to recruit, hire, and train new employees when the wrong people are hired. The hiring process is key to building culture, revenue, brand awareness, and year-over-year growth. Recruiting is not only about finding candidates that have industry experience but those who can enhance vision, strategy, and culture.

Often recruiters review resumes and have in-depth conversations with candidates to determine if they should be presented for an interview. Despite the effort that takes place, hiring managers have found that they require additional optics and a diverse set of interviews. Candidates looked good on paper, they interviewed well, they were likable, a background check was clean, references were good, and thus they were offered the position. All is well, right? We have found that this is not necessarily the case. While we all want the new employee to thrive, statistics have shown that both the hiring manager and the candidate may have chosen to move forward based on their unconscious bias and not on true optics. Did you hire the right candidate? Was another candidate better for the position? Did the right candidates interview for the position? If only the Synergistic Six Non-Assumptive Final Fit Framework were used, you would have the answers to these questions.

Hiring assumptions can cause reduced productivity, revenue, and growth. Additional insight is a necessary KPI. We have all been there; we think we have found the perfect candidate or the perfect career, only to learn too late we should have had additional optics!

Educational sessions :

1. The Synergistic Six Non-Assumptive Final Fit Team will teach you how to leverage this unique framework.
2. We will teach you how to help the hiring manager and the candidate receive additional insight before the interview so that both parties have areas where a deep-dive conversation may be necessary to determine the final fit. The deep dive will be independent of age, gender identification, race, relationship status, or religion.
3. The choice is not ours; it is yours. Thus, additional optics will be provided to help leverage important insight free from judgment or bias.

The Non-Assumptive Final Fit Framework will take a completely different approach to help you recruit, promote, and win top talent. The framework will utilize a custom fit interview for insight method, which yields a Talent Fit Analysis on each candidate or employee before the first interview and serves as an in-flight optics tool. This enables the hiring manager to zero in on additional targeted insights during the interview, free from bias.

Here are a few questions we would like you to think about:

• How much weight is put on resumes when recruiting candidates?
• How much time is spent reading resumes?
• Are resumes being scanned for keywords or attributes before candidates are interviewed?
• What percentage of resumes do you think are written by candidates themselves?

Reduce assumptions when hiring with The Synergistic Six Non-Assumptive Final Fit Framework:

1. Align the hiring manager and candidate quickly.
2. The framework includes hiring those with neurological differences, which should be respected and recognized.
3. The framework provides insight to the hiring manager and the candidate to help determine fit.
4. The six-step alignment method will help reduce bias to determine the final fit.
5. Each of the six steps are carefully designed to bring forth true data vs. judgment.
6. This is not a do-it-yourself methodology: Teams must be trained. Customized templates and processes will be created.
7. Firms have the ability to utilize a Synergistic Six Non-Assumptive Final Fit consultant who will support their efforts.
8. Do you feel you are wanting more and do not have it from this web page? We hope so. We would like to walk you through the process and eliminate assumptions or biases about this framework.

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Synergistic Six also offers a one-hour session to help promote diversity in the hiring process – an impactful online session that will leave you thinking.

The following are areas where the unconscious bias can be unleashed:


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One-hour sessions are positive, informational, and seek to unite and align “All” to create the ultimate workplace.

  • Up to 250,000 for a company-wide meeting on Diversity & Inclusion. 
  • Fixed-rate investment.
  • Follow-up coaching is available at a fixed rate.

Why is this so important?  C-level executives are tasked with setting the business strategy and mobilizing operations across virtually all facets of the company, with responsibilities to the board, the leadership teams, partners, individual contributors, and of course, to customers. Stakeholders may have varied perspectives, priorities, and needs. We will help you promote a unified transformational path with insight that will address the needs of all to enhance your human capital strategy.

We will work together to examine:
  • Do employees think about civility in the workplace?
  • Corporate messaging, communication, and cultural growth requirements.
Executives know that trust and synergy will drive the collaboration, innovation, and momentum necessary to achieve long-lasting growth and success.

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