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Smart Analytics, Data, Research, Product Demos; All Working Together In A Synergistic Model.

IT investments are complex due to the time it takes to develop requirements, technology gaps, understand the root cause of pain points, and the solutions to fill the gaps. A Synergistic Six Gap Analysis will create a roadmap for you in a matter of weeks.

Smart Analytics / Gap Analysis Approach:

We utilize an approach that does not try to boil the ocean. First, we take a swim lane approach to analyze individual KPIs to build a foundation.  Second, we create a Gap Analysis, current-state-to-future-state. Third, we validate through a 90-minute session. Fourth, we use Smart Analytics to align and unite carefully studied requirements -next- leading providers are reviewed. The analysis and research are shared with you as to What was reviewed and Why vendors align. Fifth, vendors that unite and align with your needs are introduced to you. Sixth, a vendor or vendors will speak and demo to the desired state.

The Synergistic Six Process provides the: Information, Research, Data, Smart Analytics, Processes, and People to create and empower informed  IT Decision-Making—real solutions to address fundamental challenges.

Solutions:  If you do not see the solution category you are looking for, please inquire below via the “Contact Us Form.”

Collaboration:  Omnichannel, Unified Communications. Contact Center Solutions- all available

Telematics: Smart Analytics To Track How Vehicles And Fleets Travel.

It Is Difficult To Have A Conversation WIthout Sound Quality- Headsets: Align with a Headset Advisor to provide a best-in-class voice and sound experience. New and leased options are available.

Colocation Data Center Services: We find the location you desire within hours.  We can search the globe with you via Smart Analytics.

IT Security & Physical Security:  See the Security Framework via the Managed Security Page.

Managed  Services:  Most Services Are Available.

Cloud Applications Available:  Do you want to migrate to the cloud?  Which application when?  We can help answer these questions.

We Deliver The Platform, Tools, Consulting, Research, Gaps Analysis, Data, and Experts that will work for you, with your best interest in mind.  We are Vendor Agnostic to support our Customer-First Methodology.

We empower IT Decision-Making Across:

  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Insurance
  • Software Sales, IT Consulting and Professional Services
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Restaurants and Franchises
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Retail


Synergistic Six understands that maintaining a high-impact, high-value, synergistic organization is a continuous journey. Please call us to speak with one of our friendly receptionists, and you will be connected directly to our leadership team within minutes.

Let’s begin the journey today!

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