Experiential Entertainment & Events.

Best-In-Class Experience, Content, And Technology To Immerse Your Audience.

Technology Acceleration – Powered By A Partner Ecosystem.

Diversity & Inclusion – Powered By The Final Fit Framework.

Hybrid Events – 200,000 Remote & 250 On-Site Guests.

Celebrity Events

Jaw-Dropping Entertainment, Country Artists, Magicians, Celebrity Chefs, Motivational Speakers & Famous Athletes.

Sales & Brand Acceleration

We Can Join Your Team, Be Your Team Or Augment Your Team. World-Class Brand & Sales Acceleration.

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Diversity & Inculsion

Accelerate Your Workforce With A Game-Changing Diversity And Inclusion Framework In The Workplace.

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Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing, Certified Ethical Hackers, Cyber & Post Breach Investigations.

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IoT & Video Surveillance

Internet of Things-Monitor “Things” Via Sensors. Leverage Video Surveillance For Intelligence.

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UCaaS & CCaaS

Cloud-Based Contact Center & Unified Communication-Best-In-Class Solutions.

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We do not boil the ocean, we take a swim lane approach to transformation:

The Synergistic Six Office Of The CFO, CEO, CIO, CTO, or CSO Extension Packages work to mobilize the C-level executive’s plans, priorities, processes, and strategies. The engagement will highlight underlying resistance, key stakeholder acceptance rates, misalignment, and critical gaps and accomplishments required to mobilize a plan. The consultants work directly for the C-level executive and are an extension of the office. The project is insightful and impactful and includes a proven methodology to unite and align key stakeholders to C-level objectives. The engagement is performed by highly skilled consultants with over twenty years of experience.


The Synergistic Six Office Of The CMO Consulting Engagement works directly for the Chief Marketing Officer and is focused on the mobilization of goals, priorities, and plans to accomplish marketing objectives. The package may include: “The Synergistic Six Chain Reaction Package,” which Begins With Jaw-Dropping Marketing Awareness Events > Which Fuels Sales Activities and Revenue Attainment > Which Then Mobilizes Workforce Acceleration and Growth. The Synergistic Six CMO Package includes sophisticated strategies to mobilize the CMO’s vision, plans, goals, and priorities. Fixed Fee Packages Available.

  Office Of The CMO

Synergistic Six is an event & brand acceleration, sales & workforce enablement, technology & business transformational consulting firm providing our clients with six synergistic services and solutions to help fuel growth, build brand loyalty, and drive long-term revenue.

Synergistic Six was created from twenty years of studying global businesses, testing, proving, and implementing strategic frameworks. We studied firms that spent millions of dollars on sales kickoff meetings with results that did not necessarily improve sales or exceed board expectations. We witnessed firms accelerating their brands through marketing events that did not engage their customer base as they had hoped.  We watched sales teams struggle for years to win back client trust after they delivered content that was filled with spelling, punctuation, and font spacing errors. Our studies revealed that millions of dollars were spent on sales activities and events that people sometimes had difficulty remembering just two weeks later. We studied the healthcare industry with respect to the voice of the patient. We found that some in the healthcare industry were having difficulty capturing the on-the-spot patient experience in order to receive live feedback while a good or poor patient experience was happening,  We understood there had to be a better way to capture the voice of the patient experience. To solve this difficulty, a Synergistic Six Patient-First Experience Framework was cultivated to capture on-the-spot feedback from a patient about their expectations in a manner that is collaborative, insightful, and positive.  This can help a healthcare provider become more proactive in providing additional communication to a patient.

Project Failure:

We were dumbfounded when we watched an organization spend $80M on a global consulting project to align IT and Business initiatives, followed by a large investment in technology solutions to automate their desired future state. The only problem was that they did not include all global key stakeholders nor properly align solutions with critical requirements. The vision and business strategy that they created and automated – failed!

Sales Enablement – Proposal Creation, Editing, Coupled with a Sales Acceleration Framework:

We traveled the globe speaking with C-level executives to understand how they determined their strategic partners and what made them purchase one solution over another in a competitive market. We were shown material filled with spelling and punctuation errors, followed by an email by a vendor asking why they lost the business. Synergistic Six offers proposal writing and editing services to help firms scale and deliver sound content. We also built and proved a world-class playing card sales framework to help align customer requirements with solutions in a manner that is focused on co-creation with a client.  The framework is fascinating to clients, and thus they are able to acquire solutions that are synergistic with their desired future state outcomes.

Temporary Services:

Synergistic Six Temporary Services helps firms augment teams in Marketing, Sales, Content Creation, Editing, Executive Administration Services. and for Client Success Managers.

Workforce Enablement – Diversity and Inclusion Framework:

On a positive note, we observed executives searching for inclusive hiring and promoting frameworks.

Observations Drove Progress:

All of these observations noted above prompted us to create frameworks and methodologies to overcome these challenges and provide sufficient tools to help aid in transformation. We tested and proved a framework that gives sales teams a step-by-step recipe to navigate through complex sales cycles, which has helped sales teams throughout the globe close $1.8B in sales. We built a leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Framework known as the “Final Fit Non-Assumptive Framework” to help firms win talent. Lastly, we created a proven framework to help reduce risk and aid in IT and business project success. Most importantly, our IT and business alignment framework is a master tool to align IT and business initiatives. Yes, we were busy testing and proving frameworks that truly make a difference over the last twenty years.

One Last Challenge:

We had one last challenge, which was creating long-lasting Events-To-Remember. Last year, we searched the globe for a unique marketing and event platform that was both impressive and innovative. We discovered and aligned with a platform that now allows us to create Events-To-Remember.


The good news is the platform met and exceeded our expectations. We aligned with a one-of-a-kind event hybrid “studio” and platform that is world-class. Today Synergistic Six can help our clients create Events-To-Remember and connect up to 200,000 remote guests globally, host 250 guests in person, and translate each event into 26 different languages. Top executives globally have said, “WOW, I have never seen anything like it.” This comment usually follows a remote tour of the hybrid studio.

Celebrities And Extended Teams:  

Synergistic Six deploys a team of experts to design your event from end to end. We are the stickiness to create an event. We leverage swag creators, producers, promoters, stagehands, lighting & sound experts, and stage designers. We are the event creators that have worked around the clock to develop team synergies amongst leading experts so that events happen with the detail needed to accelerate your vision, requirements, and theme.

We have connected and aligned with a pool of celebrities and artists who understand what it takes to motivate and move an audience.

Events Include: 

  • Product Launches
  • Sales Kickoff Meetings
  • Sales Enablement Meetings
  • Promotional Brand Acceleration Events
  • Educational & Training Events
  • Inspirational Events To Inspire Your Audience
  • Marketing Events
  • Entertaining Events

Expertise That Is Hard To Find:

We learned early on, “know what you know, and know what you don’t know, and when you don’t know, go find top experts who do know.” This led us to create our robust elite partner ecosystem of 300+ reputable firms – many of whom are featured on our partner page. Our clients enjoy a robust and world-class partner ecosystem of talented experts and dedicated teams who work synergistically to exceed client expectations.

Technology Solutions and Partners:

  • Cybersecurity And Managed Security Services
  • Contact Center Solutions – Gap Analysis To Understand What’s Working And What’s Not Working
  • IoT Devices
  • Data Center Relocation Services
  • Failover Systems For Buildings, Phones, Fax, And Elevators
  • Please See Our Partner Page. We Can Help You Find And Deploy Almost Any Complex Solution

Brand Acceleration and Sales Augmentation: 

  • Brand Acceleration Executives – Who Will Empower Your Teams To Mobilize Revenue
  • Create Marketing Campaigns  – Proprietary Growth Engine
  • Dedicated Team – Will Focus On Consistent Growth
  • Proven Frameworks – Customer-First Experiential Brand Acceleration
  • Augment Your Sales Force – Hire Top Talent To Land And Expand Your Customer Base
  • Tiger Team Of Marketing, Brand, And Sales Executives At your Finger Tips

Customer First:

Synergistic Six operates with a customer-first methodology. What takes most companies years to achieve, we do in months. We are fast, fluid, and flexible; we know how to drive down costs and do more with less. We offer unique transformative frameworks, technology, techniques, tools, platforms, and consulting services to develop your vision and then deploy your vision with experts.

The Question We Receive The Most:

How does a boutique firm, coupled with your partners, scale to meet our demand?

The Answer:

Our proven proprietary frameworks afford us the ability to create analytics to guide us to plug in a hybrid platform, marketing growth engines, talent, promoters, producers, stagehands, lighting, sound experts, celebrities, and swag to create Experiential Events-to-Remember with never thought possible techniques and technology. On the business side, we have proven scalable frameworks that will help with sales enablement and help you choose/purchase best-in-class technology that is aligned with your future state – which includes the input from all key stakeholders. We will also empower you with frameworks to further enhance the hiring and promotion of a diverse and inclusive employee base. Our unique business and IT frameworks have helped large complex global IT and business departments align initiatives to mobilize change. The Synergistic Six IT and business frameworks will help executives analyze the three deadly C’s: Cost, Change, and Complexity.

What Is The Secret Sauce Of Synergistic Six?

When working with Synergistic Six, you will be able to take advantage of twenty years in the making and world-class expertise. You don’t have to search, or wonder how do they do it? We will introduce you to our frameworks, celebrity pool, and platforms, so you don’t have to guess. It took us twenty years, and we have come far. Our partner ecosystem is one of the most robust you will ever see. To date, we have not identified a true competitor; some firms offer similar services. However, there is a reason why our firm is named Synergistic Six; we have created six synergies that can’t be duplicated. There is a methodology that drives our secret sauce. Our secret sauce is in our frameworks that drive innovation and transformation. Our team members and employees have diverse skills and have benefited from learning best practices from not just one firm, but from hundreds of firms. This allows our teams to always learn, always teach, and always innovate.

What Questions Do Clients Ask Us Once They Engage With Us?

When clients work with us, they no longer ask “How do you do that?”  They ask us, “How do we do that?” Please take advantage of our 24/7 support teams who are on-call to set up discovery appointments. We would be honored to hear from you. We hope you enjoy reading about our services and offerings via the flip boxes below:

Jaw-Dropping Events

  • Country Artists.
  • Magical Entertainment-Will Leave Your Guests Speechless. 
  • Jaw-Dropping Entertainment.
  • Events Can Be Remote or On-site.
  • Swag Bags & Gift Boxes For Promotional Giveaways! 

Jason Hanson Safety Event!

  • Learn Safety Tips From Former CIA Officer – Jason Hanson. 
  • Chance Of A Lifetime – Learn From The Best. 
  • Pick-A-Friend To Attend With You.

Patient First Framework

  • What Are The Patient’s Expectations From Their Vist With Their Doctor? 
  • Know If A Patient Is Unhappy Before Social Media Learns.
  • How Do You Create An Inclusive Environment For All Patients?

Video Surveillance & Internet of Things

  • Would You Like To Deploy Artificial Intelligence To Your Existing Video Cameras?
  • Do You Currently Have Smart Intelligence To Detect Loitering, Aggression, And Occupancy?
  • Do You Need To Track The Mobilization Of “Things” As They Move?

Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services

  • We Offer Certified Ethical Hackers, Pen Testing. Risk Assessments, And Compliance Audits.
  • Leverage The Non-Assumptive Framework To See The Unknown.
  • Synergistic Six Will Unite And Align You With Best-in-Class Security Experts.  

Contact Center Solutions.

  • Are All Your Communications Unified?
  • Do You Want To Enhance The Omnichannel Experience For Your Customers?
  • Do You Empower Your Employees With Sound Quality Headsets? 

Temporary Service & Diversity Framework

  • Non-Assumptive Framework Promotes Diversity.
  • Workforce Acceleration For The Hiring Process. 
  • Properly Align Talent With Management. 
  • Go Beyond Resumes & References. 

Sales Acceleration & Enablement

  • Help Your Software & Consulting Sales Teams Reduce Selling With Assumptions.
  • Did You Recently Think You Won A  Big Deal, Only To Find Out You Lost It To Your Competition?
  • Glean A Deeper Understanding Of Your Client’s Pain Points.

Vendors & Suppliers

  • Leverage A One-Of-A-Kind IT Decision Making Platform!
  • Inspect and Analyze Hundreds Of Solutions In Weeks.  
  •  Leverage A Fit Analysis.
  • Gain Access To Technology Battle Labs In Chicago & Dallas!
Maintaining a high-impact, high-value, synergistic organization is a continuous journey. Synergistic Six values the opportunity to help you create a journey to remember.
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