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Unite And Align People, Process, and Technology!

The Synergistic Six Team Delivers High-Impact And High-Value.

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37% of project failures are due to the lack of clearly defined goals, deliverables, and milestones.

Leverage The Synergistic Six Tiger Team: The team is comprised of over forty top experts in brand management, brand acceleration, advertising, disruptive technology solutions, marketing, media and communication strategies, advertising, public relations, sales, digital transformation, social media, direct marketing, and professional editing.

Synergistic Six leaders are always available to speak with you. The expertise of our diverse team is exceptional. Each month, our leaders conduct a complimentary Hot Topic one-hour discovery session. Please do not hesitate to call The Synergistic Six Support Center at 773.913.5877 to schedule a complimentary one-hour appointment.

   Do Not Miss The December 1st 28th, 2023 Hot Top Discovery Sessions!

Our Featured Leaders Who Will Be Conducting These Sessions This Month Are Jeff Hall & Vicki Trotter!

Jeff Hall is an excellent collaborator, visionary, and creative mastermind in film, video, and in helping clients to create innovative interactive brand strategies to deliver impact and value in the following manner:

  • Leads the way for our film crew to help clients create videos and film in a studio setting or at a desired brand location.
  • Keen ability to take a raw idea and turn that idea into artistic content to communicate the brand story.
  • Clients have the ability to leverage a privately owned studio for filming without interruption to maintain focus on the creative narrative. We will work closely with client focus groups to create content that will make an impact. Our team understands how to engage customers in the brand story through film. We help brands stay current and work synergistically with the extended design teams to maintain brand image.
  • Collaborate with C-level executives who desire to create a company video to articulate the brand vision and future.
  • Excellent film production expertise to deliver media that matters.
  • Review an opportunity to rent a state-of-the-art studio for worldwide events that can connect up to 250,000 guests via an LED wall. Your event can be translated into many different languages. This offering is jaw-dropping and one-of-a-kind. We, along with the studio executives, will help you create a hybrid event that will amaze your guests.

Vicki Trotter is an excellent leader of our editing, writing, and brand acceleration team who will be conducting 1×1 one-hour discovery sessions in the month of December to review the following:

  • How the Synergistic Six team will help you prepare written, visual, audible, marketing, and cinematic materials to deliver best-in-class business outcomes.
  • Synergistic Six Editing Services helps build public relations – Vicki will work with your team to create awareness for media campaigns. Currently, she is working on two world-renowned projects to create brand acceleration for key TV personalities.
  • Vicki has over seventeen years of experience helping HR teams win talent. She is working with the HR teams to help implement The Synergistic Six Hiring Framework, which unites and aligns diverse talent with critical roles.
  • Vicki is a billable Managing Principal and is available to work on small or large projects.

            Stay Tuned To Learn More About December’s Hot Topic Discovery Sessions.

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