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Unite And Align People, Process, and Technology!

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The Synergistic Six Team Delivers High Impact And High Value

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We are a humble team with years of experience and driven to achieve excellence. We promote Teamwork, Cooperation, and Collaboration. We take the “I” out of our sentences and promote the “We”.  Synergistic Six can deploy a Synergistic Team of experts made up of over forty top IT Security Experts, Certified Ethical Hackers, Cyber Breach Investigators, Sales Effectiveness Coaches, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, Executive Coaches, Civility Trainers, Marketing and Brand Promotion Executives to help our clients: Keep, Toss, Automate, or Reengineer business processes, strategies, programs, methodologies, technology, and sales processes within an enterprise. Our Synergistic Team delivers results with speed and fluidity.

  Collaborate With Our Team Of Experts: 

Mr. Joseph Lombardi – Executive Solution Architect. 

Join Synergistic Six and Mr. Joseph Lombardi in Think Tanks related to transformational topics such as :

  • Cloud Innovation
  • Data Center Colocation
  • IT Transformation

Mr. Lombardi has worked with fortune 500 organizations to help design and create solutions to increase agility and impact. Don’t miss Mr. Lombardi’s impactful sessions.

Ms. Carla Fuquay – Certification: MS, LMHC.

Join Synergistic Six and Ms. Carla Fuquay in strategic Think Tanks on critical topics such as:

  • Civility In The Workplace & The Unconscious Bias
  • Reducing The Unconscious Bias In The Workplace
  • Civility In The Sales Process
  • Diversity In The Hiring Process
  • The Diversity Final Fit Hiring Framework

Ms. Joanna James – Client Success Manager.

Join Ms. Joanna James in Client Success Best Practices:

  • Customer First Framework
  • Improving Customer Experience Through Omnichannel Solutions
  • The “WOW FACTOR”  of Personalized Customer Digital Touchpoints

Ms. Vicki – Customer & Media Public Relations Executive Director.  

Join Vicki At Transformational Events Such As :

  • Media Public Relations – Creating Awareness For Innovative Events With World-Renowned Celebrities
  • Creating Value For Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and The Financial Services Sectors Via Promotional Campaigns, Brand Acceleration Events, State-Of-The-Art Event Production, and Public Relationship Development
  • Implementing The Synergistic Six Hiring Framework – Unites and Aligns Diverse Talent With Key Roles
  • Lunch-N-Learns
  • Brand Promotions – Work To Increase Your Brand’s Market Share With Innovative Events

The Synergistic Six founder affectionately known as “Dee” has greater expertise in business acceleration, IT Transformation, and Public Relations.

Join the Synergistic Six founder in Think Tanks related to transformational topics such as: Brand Acceleration, Digital Maturity Via State-Of-The-Art Hybrid Events, Creating A Respectful And Worthy Client Experience, Cyber Security, Business and IT Transformation, Sales Process Optimization, Workforce Management-Diversity Hiring, Brand Promotions, Corporate Culture Makeovers., Sales Effectiveness, and Sales Leadership.

Over the past twenty years, the founder and CEO of Synergistic Six have proven to be a trailblazer in Business Transformation.  Ms. Dee has led global complex Business, Healthcare, Financial, Retail, and Sales Optimization Projects.  She has been at the forefront of innovation for Digital Strategies to Drive Growth and Revenue by “Leveraging The Power Of Insight”  to create change. She understood quickly in her career that almost all failures in business could be linked back to strategic gaps of internal processes, communication, technology, culture, customer, employee, patient, and sales effectiveness, coupled with the ability to create meaningful human connections. Our CEO traveled around the globe seeking methods, techniques, and executable frameworks to address these gaps. She interviewed over 150 top C-level executives to understand how they consumed technology, products, services and how they won top talent.  She interviewed failed businesses to understand what went wrong; she spent years testing and implementing transformational frameworks to promote growth and change. She has led some of the most successful teams for fortune 500 companies.  Join our CEO in Transformational Think Tanks On:

  • Sales Effectiveness: Remote Sales Teams Need More Than Turning On their Cameras
  • IT Transformation
  • C-level Alignment, Vision, and Strategy
  • Healthcare Business Transformation
  • Unified Communications Strategies
  • Contact Center Optimization
  • Diversity and Inclusion In The Workplace.
  • Civility In Workplace Training

Together we will work with you to review:

  • DRIVERS – Sales, Markets, Process, People, Product, Technology
  • DEMANDS – Market, Industry, Customers, Service, Delivery
  • DISCIPLINE – Management and Decision Strategies, Coaction Plans
  • DECISIONS – People / Accountability, Strategy, Execution

Leverage The Synergistic Six Tiger Team: The Team is comprised of over forty top Sales Effectiveness Coaches, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, Executive Coaches, Civility Trainers, Marketing and Brand Promotion Executives, to help our clients Keep, Toss, Automate, or Re-engineer every major process, strategy, program, methodology, technology and sales processes within the enterprise.

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