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37% of project failures are due to the lack of clearly defined goals, deliverables, and milestones.

  • Leverage The Synergistic Six – Tiger Team: We support our clients with ScanSource, which ranks #817 on the Fortune 1000 list. When you work with Synergistic Six, you have access to our channel’s expertise and our direct expertise with hundreds of experts assisting our clients. We have a dedicated team that amazes our clients every time.
  •  Synergistic Six provides VIP service. You won’t roll to voice mail or get stuck behind self-service chatbots; you will have a dedicated 24/7 live support number that you can call at any time and speak to a real person who can connect you with our thought leaders at any time. We are a niche firm with a global reach to support you 24/7. We also have the ability to create PR and Brand Acceleration Events and catch the eye of the media for a brand with our ability to create wonderful press releases and media campaigns:
  • Synergistic Six In The Media.
  • A seamless team will show up on your doorstep with expertise that is world-class. you will have VIP service at your fingertips like never before.
  • Please view our Partner Page to see the talent which we bring to the table.
  • You will experience the true power of a synergistic team to help deliver value never thought possible.
  • A global $21B firm asked us for help, and their comment was, “We feel like we are in a dream. We never expected the combined effect of some of the biggest firms in the world to show up on our doorstep with Synergistic Six. We thought Synergistic Six was a small firm and never expected world-class expertise like this!” The power of Synergistic Six is six synergies we leverage: 1. An expert team that is truly world-class and unmatched in knowledge 2; Proprietary frameworks that use best practices and proven methodologies built from the input of over 300 global executives 3. We create Think Tanks within organizations that drive innovation and change, which most have never seen before. Our secret sauce has been used by global firms and adopted as their gold-standard method for innovation and transformation. 4. We have contracts in place with guaranteed SLAs. 5. Our response time is fast. 6; When you work with Synergistic Six, you won’t roll to voice mail or get stuck behind self-help online chatbots. We provide a 24/7 dedicated line for our clients that is always answered, and our leaders are always on call to help you.

Program Partner – Client Delivery Lead – Critical Thinker. 
Joe’s skills have taken years to develop. Our program partner, Joe, leads Synergistic Six engagements. Clients engage with us and rely on Joe for expertise in varying disciplines, including Enterprise Architecture (EA) knowledge Management and Applied Systems Engineering, ITIL Service Standards and Service development, EA Portfolio Management, Program Management, Medicare and Medicaid Systems Procurements and Implementations, and IV&V Leadership and Practice Management.
Joe is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is also certified in Agile and Waterfall Development Methods – Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified AWS, Cloud Practitioner (AWS), and ITIL 4.
Joe holds an MBA from the University of Central Florida.
Joe has over 20 years of well-developed organizational skills, strong interpersonal communication, and expert-level analytical and problem-solving skills, which have contributed to the successful participation of all key stakeholders. A progressive leadership background in Health Care Consulting, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Banking industries. Successful achievements with Medicare/Medicaid programs, IT Architectures, and Program/Project delivery, including major contributions to the “bottom line.” Are you looking for an experienced Program Partner – Delivery Lead?  Look No Further- Please contact Synergistic Six to speak with Joe at 773.913.5977.

Our Partner – Dimi – is the secret sauce of our client engagements:

Her expertise is rare; she understands how to mobilize C-level business plans and has worked with global CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs, helping them implement their business plans and socialize them internally and externally. She has been critical in helping executives who struggled to deliver results to the board improve their business plans, accelerate brand value and market share, and increase brand reputation with remarkable B2C strategies. Brand acceleration happens with speed and fluidity, which many thought impossible.

Dimi has expertise in both IT transformation and marketing, as she has worked for some of the biggest firms in the world, such as IBM and KPMG, and a state-of-the-art broadcasting studio to help brands accelerate their brands and connect to markets globally while translating into 26 different languages instantly.  Thus, she understands IT and business transformation and innovation from a unique lens. She has traveled the globe, conducting think tanks with consumers. She understands how strategic methods connect consumers with services or products.  She understands how to help executives and why they consume one service over another.  She understands how to help brands connect with consumers by leveraging innovation that one client referred to as mind-blowing. She also understands how to lead sales teams to drive double-digit growth; she has years of knowledge that most wonder how she works her magic and where and whom she learned from. The answer: she has worked for powerful Fortune 500 leaders and is always available to speak with you at 773.913.5877; she will collaborate with you about a project you may need to complete or a strategy you may need to build.

Jeff Hall leads our film crew with decades of experience in editing films and creating outstanding media content.

Jeff has the unique ability to take raw ideas and turn them into artistic content to communicate the brand story.  Our clients can leverage a privately owned studio for filming without interruption to maintain focus on the creative narrative. We will work closely with client focus groups to create impactful content. Our team understands how to engage customers in the brand story through film. We help brands stay current and work synergistically with the extended design teams to maintain brand image.

Synergistic Six clients who desire to create a company video to articulate the brand vision and future. now have the ability to leverage a private studio or leverage a state-of-the-art studio for worldwide events that can connect up to 250,000 guests via an LED wall. Your event can be translated into many different languages. This offering is jaw-dropping and one-of-a-kind. We and the studio executives will help you create a hybrid event that will amaze your guests.

Lisa Jones engages with clients to help them with their editing, writing, and brand acceleration requirements.

Our team will be pleased to conduct 1×1 one-hour discovery sessions with you to review the following:

  •  Prepare written, visual, audible, marketing, and cinematic materials to deliver best-in-class business outcomes.
  • Synergistic Six Editing Services – how we can help you further public credibility. Lisa has the expertise to work with your teams to create brand awareness for any of your media campaigns. Currently, she is working on two world-renowned projects to accelerate the brands of key TV personalities.
  • Lisa is billable and is available to work on small or large projects.

We have a dream team of leaders who believe in hard work and ethics and will deliver hard-to-find value. Our team overdelivers for our clients; without our clients, we lose the dream. Thus, client satisfaction is the heartbeat of our organization. Please reach out. You won’t be disappointed if you do.



Schedule a meeting with Jeff Hall; he is an excellent collaborator, visionary, and creative mastermind in film, video, and in helping clients to create innovative interactive brand strategies to deliver impact and value in the following manner:


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