The Synergistic Six Sales Acceleration Framework has helped many sales professionals address CIO, CTO, and CSO demands to raise the bar when selling complex solutions. Professional sales teams have driven millions in sales using this framework.

The Synergistic Six Sales Framework is used for:

  •  Adding net new logos.
  •  Landing & expanding sales.
  •  Breaking the cycle of selling functions and features.

Organizations strive to create synergistic connections between sales and C-level executives; however, they lack the secret sauce to:

  •  Connect the dots between their solution and their customer’s pain points quickly.
  •  Reduce selling with assumptions.
  •  Enhance sales strategy.
  •  Unify a go-to-market strategy with their customers.
  •  Collaborate with C-level executives with meaningful insight.
  •  Demonstrate appropriate research to obtain just-in-time meaningful data to help C-level executives fill a strategic gap with software or consulting services.

Complexity and the speed of technology have changed how software, consulting, and professional services sales teams approach a complex sale. It has become increasingly difficult for experienced sales teams to differentiate their value proposition to prospective clients.

Teams are often made up of technical, sales, and partner resources, each with its own approach and plan. Clients are short on time and resources; they frequently engage with a solution provider late in the buying cycle.

The resulting paradigm is one in which client leadership is bombarded with requests for appointments from multiple people from the same company and where meetings are filled with product pitches/feature-function demos, all based upon assumptions about their business. In this chaotic state, clients frequently resort to releasing an RFI or an RFP to cut through the noise and find a solution – all while keeping vendors at arm’s length.

Synergistic Six has a unique approach to enable sales teams to differentiate their offering, strengthen the human connection with their clients, and Sell with Insight.

The Synergistic Six Framework for Successful SellingSM delivers high impact and value to account teams and clients. Account teams will use proven best practices to determine a path of transformation and the solution to fill a strategic gap specific to business challenges. A client may not be comfortable, aware, or understand the sales process or methodology being used; thus, sales teams may be misaligned with customer expectations. When using The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM, sales teams will create a bridge that they and their customers develop together. Once the bridge is created, both will be aligned and understand what’s next in the sales process. Account teams will use proprietary techniques and templates to scan for gaps. They and their client will then create a platform to discuss the impact of the gaps on the business. As a result of these efforts,  clients will gain insight into how a solution can solve the root cause of the gap, creating a true VIP experience.

Using our proprietary frameworks, account teams can often demonstrate how a complex solution can fill a gap. The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM delivers value fast and does not impose upon a client’s resources to do so.

As clients transform the way they do business, it is necessary that account teams also transform the way they deliver complex end-to-end solutions. This unique framework, coupled with proprietary templates, will help sales teams transform the way they interact with their clients.

When utilizing this framework, account teams work on two very important principles:

  • Principle # 1: Solve the root cause of the business challenge.
  • Principle # 2: When selling functions and features, revert back to Principle # 1.

Ultimately, account teams will deliver their value quickly while increasing and enhancing client satisfaction to develop long-lasting partnerships!

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