Software and Consulting Framework


The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM can be taught on-site or in a virtual training class via a hybrid studio, avoiding high educational travel costs. The course curriculum is as follows:

  • Level Set The Value Prop Training: Two-hour course.
  • Deliver the Value Prop: Team members deliver a twenty-minute presentation to each other to perfect what they learn in the initial course and to capture best practices currently in play.
  • Executive Inspect, Detect, and Validation: Account teams will learn how to gain a deeper understanding of their client’s business, process, and technology challenges.
  • Analysis Training: Account teams will learn how to deliver an analysis grid to C-level executives that pairs validated business gaps with justified solutions. This enables clients to agree on priorities and move forward with procurement decisions.

The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM enables account teams to be responsive, nimble, and highly successful in engaging clients in transformation initiatives that yield increased client satisfaction, retention, and market share growth.

The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM is purposefully not available to the general public to avoid a do-it-yourself interpretation.

Call and speak with one of our friendly receptionists, and you will be connected directly to our leadership team members who have had outstanding success selling software and consulting services for years using this framework.

The framework can help you in the competitive world of software and consulting sales!

Leveraging the studio, you can create a worldwide job fair, sales kickoff meeting, board meeting, charity event, or customer event using a state-of-the-art studio that instantly connects up to 500,000 remote guests and 300 on-site guests, translated into 26 languages. Ask us how! We will help you create the perfect synergies to power your organization forward!

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