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Software and Consulting Framework

This Framework will help create a Client VIP Experience:

  • Clients are interviewed for insight – no assumptions are made about their business.
  • Clients are not compared to others in their industry, they are looked at as unique.
  • VIP treatment is created when every key stakeholder interviewed is given individual attention with a  proven customized proprietary insight template to address their specific needs, pains, concerns, vision, and strategy. This can create long-lasting business relationships.
  • Each of the key stakeholder’s concerns, bottlenecks, and gaps are carefully considered in a state-of-the-art Gap Analysis.
  • The framework promotes co-action. Positive interactions are cultivated organically. No show-up and throw-up conversations should happen.
  • Creates a bridge to unite the solution being proposed and the solution that is needed.
  • Clients have actually called the sales teams asking them when they are coming back due to their delight in the VIP experience they have received.

“The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling” SM will utilize the following Six-Step Process:

  • “The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling” SM: Business and Sales Process Optimization Growth Labs – unites account teams working in silos within the same firm. This avoids a C-level executive receiving multiple calls from sales professionals from the same company with disparate requests and messaging. Instead, the Growth Labs cultivate a unified strategy and deliver a clear path that is optimal for the client.
  • “The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling” SM: Detection Questions  – are customized to each client and will enable account teams to get to the root cause of their customers’ business pains quickly.  This affords sales professionals immediate insight with minimal intrusion on the client’s time.
  • “The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling” SM: Validation Templates – are used with clients to validate business challenges across all key stakeholders.
  • “The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling” SM: Gap Analysis – is a proprietary delivery mechanism that will ultimately paint a picture for a client, giving them a clear vision of what is possible and will also define the following complex gaps and root causes:
    – Opportunities to transform complex business processes
    – Technology inefficiencies
    – Solutions to fill the gaps
    – The impact on the business
    – Valuable shared insight to stakeholders
  • “The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling”SM: Analysis Grid – allows clients to prioritize critical next steps which will quickly align go-forward strategies. This will also give executives a detailed road map to aid in the transformation of their present state of the business.
  • “The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful Selling” SM: Unique VIP Experience – for C-level executives through a world-class 90-minute session using their data. This process clearly articulates business transformation challenges and solution paths, allowing for innovation through insight.

Mesmerizing and delightful to clients while delivering fast results!

Leverage The Power Of Insight with video surveillance systems, turn-key celebrity packages, and a state-of-the-art studio. Connect up to 200,000 remote guests & 250 on-site guests, translated into 26 languages. You also have the ability to leverage cybersecurity experts, a state-of-the-art gap analysis, think tanks, consultants, cloud-based solutions, failover services, diversity & workforce enablement frameworks, sales frameworks, and team-building sessions. We will help you create the perfect synergies to power your organization forward!

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