Software and Consulting Framework

Solve For The Identity Of The Cause

We have all been there! How often have you thought that the communication of an IT solution was too complex, too simplistic, or confusing to your client?

Often feature function conversations happen too soon. Clients will have to read through pages and pages of technical gibberish to try and understand what a solution actually does and what problems it automates or solves. The talent of articulating the identity of what is causing the business challenge or pain becomes a skill that customers appreciate.

The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM helps highly skilled professionals get to the root cause of the challenge upfront. This framework also helps those new and experienced in the industry learn how to identify with their customer’s pain points.

When utilizing our templates and best practices of this framework, account teams will avoid the Show-up and Throw-up approach! Instead, clients will take part in a ninety-minute collaborative session to Inspect, Detect, and Validate the identity of the cause, which may ultimately create a path to transformation!

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