Software and Consulting Framework

Solving the “Why” and the “How” for your Client

Determining why a solution should be implemented to solve a business’s pain and how a solution is used to solve a business challenge is often complex and confusing to clients. Account teams will utilize customized templates that communicate the Why and the How.

The Synergistic Six Framework to Successful SellingSM is a six-step process that begins with sales professionals delivering a Value Prop in the first twenty minutes of a one-hour presentation. During the remaining forty minutes, they connect with their clients through best practices that truly elicit Business, Process, and Technology complexities. The techniques the account teams will use do not drain their client’s precious resources while they gain insight to understand the impact of their client’s Business, Process, and Technology complexities.

As we all know, change is hard. Often, the first pass at change is rejected. This is due to a lack of visibility of the tedious and mundane processes that support the business day-to-day and the lack of consensus among stakeholders. When strategies align, it makes transformation easier and change more accepted. This framework helps sales professionals waste no time getting to the root cause of their client’s challenges and, more importantly, will help build a solid understanding of the business impact.

Leveraging the studio, you can create a worldwide job fair, sales kickoff meeting, board meeting, charity event, or customer event using a state-of-the-art studio that instantly connects up to 500,000 remote guests and 300 on-site guests, translated into 26 languages. Ask us how! We will help you create the perfect synergies to power your organization forward!

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