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About The Patient First  Framework:

Synergistic Six leverages a state-of-the-art playing card framework and experts from America’s most significant privately held technology, vendor-agnostic services firm. We provide the medical community insight on how to capture the “Voice” of the patient experience with our unique playing card framework. We empower healthcare providers to learn on the spot; if a patient is pleased with their visit or highly displeased, know how they feel before the patient ever walks out the door.  Create an inclusive environment with the playing card framework so that all can have a “Voice.” Synergistic Six enables healthcare providers to leverage technology that is HIPPA compliant. Our channel experts understand and enjoy helping medical professionals leverage proven technology that is customized to meet specific requirements. We conduct meetings with insightful presentations that help create an overall “Patient-First Experience.”  We transfer knowledge and train how to use our fast, fluid, and flexible playing card framework, which allows patients to rate their experience and captures the “Voice” of a patient after their office visit. The process is in a friendly and encouraging manner, thus enabling the medical community to know if they have exceeded a patient’s expectations before the patient ever walks out the door.  Learn how patients feel about the medical services they receive before social media learns.

Why is technology vendor-agnostic insight important?

When a specific sales individual or systems engineer is tied to a technology product, the information provided on the product will be favorable to that particular product or service provided by the vendor. The end goal in mind, of course, is generating revenue for the company they represent. Synergistic Six takes a different approach. We do not represent a single vendor. We represent several hundred products and services, which allows us to remain vendor agnostic. With the help of agnostic engineers, we will build a technology gap analysis and then showcase only the technology options that genuinely meet the need of our clients. The gap analysis will allow our clients to adjust and prioritize one gap over the next to help align requirements and priorities.

Patients Have The Option Of Choosing Between Many Healthcare Providers:

Customized Enhanced Communications May Help to Improve the Patient Experience!

Patients have the option of choosing between many healthcare providers. Therefore, the patient experience truly matters. The patient experience also matters when it comes time to pay the bill. If a patient feels that they were not helped, or that they were not listened to, or that the doctor passed over their issue, it can affect the way they think about the doctor, as well as how fast they pay the doctor’s bill. All paths in building a relationship between a doctor and a patient lead back to an effective communication style. In many reviews of doctors, readers will frequently see comments from patients who have visited that doctor referring to the doctor’s bedside manner. Patients comment on this repeatedly because it makes a difference. One of the key performance indicators of the human experience is communication. Patients communicate to share feelings, their pains, and their healthcare stories. However, what if a patient does not hear well, or if a patient does not speak English, or if a patient is intimidated to speak up about something that is hurting them?

Patients have wanted an inclusive environment for years. In 2019, many doctors turned to telehealth to help aid in communicating with their patients. Since then, doctors have been looking for ways to leverage technology to help them effectively communicate with patients, safeguard patient information with cybersecurity tools, and help patients tell their story of care with the doctor or a provider after a visit has concluded. The Synergistic Six Patient-First Experience Framework seeks to address all of these critical factors.

Patient Experience Cards:

Synergistic Six has an innovative framework to help providers capture the patient experience at the conclusion of an office visit. Patient experience cards will help the patient illustrate their experience in a fluid manner and can help the provider know where they can improve or if something from the voice of the patient was missed. Often the process can reduce stress if a provider knows immediately after a visit how a patient rates their experience. Many providers send SMS messages to patients after a visit or send the patient a survey. The validation of the patient experience is created outside of the provider’s office and can take days for a patient to respond.

The Synergistic Six Patient-First Experience Card Framework provides a patient the ability to say something without needing to find the words to express how they felt about their office visit. The doctor’s office visit cards help the patient express their experience and can also help a patient express if they feel something was severely missed. It can be helpful to capture the voice of the patient immediately. This is an eye-opening experience for all. The cards take an extra step to provide the patient with a VIP experience and can create an inclusive environment, especially if the patient feels that they were lacking the opportunity to express their feelings because of language barriers or physical disabilities that preclude them from speaking up. Often a provider and patient agree that their visit went well, but if a visit does not go well from the eyes of the patient, this framework gives the provider an opportunity to know before the patient leaves the office.

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